Don’t think out of the box. Think beyond the box!

Recently I gave two Akashic workshops. One in the city of Assen and one in Bant, both places located in The Netherlands. Speaking with the participants I once again noticed how strongly inclined we are to only believe what our five senses tell us. Which, according to modern physics, is at most 4% of what is ‘out there’.

What we see and feel is very real, but also the expression of an invisible underlying field. It is a contraction (or compaction) of matter, directed from another realm. As a result if we only believe what we sense directly, we turn a blind eye tot this vast underlying field of energy and information. With a sight of 4% we are nearly blind.

We need another perspective. One in which we think the other way round. First comes the vast underlying field, secondly the tangible expressions in matter.

This is not what is called thinking out of the box, because doing that you don’t transcend the present tangible reality. You remain in the world of matter, whereas thinking beyond the box brings you in another dimension. In a field of countless possibilities. You there are in a stage before manifestation, turning you into a Co-Creator!

Below you will find two video’s as an illustration of these thoughts.

Video 1:
What our senses register is a contraction of matter

Video 2 (starting at 18:50):
The physical world as a watermark in the ether and matter and energy as waves in the ether

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