Who are ‘they’? With whom am I dealing while opening the Akashic Records?


If you have been practising for a while with opening the Akashic Records you will have noticed that ‘something’ is communicating with you once you have gone a bit deeper into this other state of consciousness. A kind of dialogue develops.

Wonderful of course, because that’s what it is all about. However… this can also cause fear, because you haven’t got the foggiest idea about who or what this invisible yet evidently perceptible ‘something’ is.

You may well wonder: ‘With whom am I dealing here?’
We are convinced that these are positive, helping energies that translate the contents of the Records in a way that fits you. You could call them ‘guides’ or ‘interpreters’. Contrary to this is the fact that it invokes an ‘anthropomorphic’ image, which isn’t completely in line with the Records’ predominantly energetic atmosphere.

If you have been practising more often you will notice that these energies are hardly identical each time. Often ‘they’ are present as a group. In a way there is an entire team at your service. Much depends on the question you have in mind when opening the Records. This question—and even more importantly: what you feel at that moment—determines what will surface during an Opening. Depending on your question, somewhere a mix is set out for you by something or someone. We will explore the steering effects of questions further in this book.

Who or what are these helping energies?
You can rack your brains about this, but the question is if that is very useful. Compare this to a concert. What matters in the end is that you experience beautiful music. The names of the musicians, where they come from and how they come to play their instruments so beautifully isn’t very important at all. That is, as long as the music sounds good. So as long as these energies are beneficial to you, you may just as well simply appreciate their presence.

You will notice that when you have an affinity with one of these ‘energies’ you may have a tendency to give it a name. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t make this all too ‘real’. Keep in mind that this is a kind of ‘in a manner of speaking’.

In her pioneering book about the Akashic Records, Linda Howe refers to these energies as Masters, Teachers, Guides and Loved Ones. Here, Masters are higher beings working in the background as you develop over a long series of consecutive lives. According to Howe you are not in direct contact with them. Contrary to Teachers and Loved Ones. She states that they are closer to you, and it is with them that the dialogues take place.

We think that your philosophy of life colors your Akashic experience and determines how you interpret impressions and which names you feel like using. Which in turn means that these names are highly relative and subjective. Moreover, we have the impression that quite a few energies (or spirits) we encounter in the Akashic field are ‘beyond names’.

The message: do not make it too big for yourself. Awe is fine, but at the same time keep it relaxed. Use the terminology you feel comfortable with.

(this is a fragment of chapter two of the Fly Akasha e-book)