Using your body to ask Yes-Or-No questions

Ask-the-UniverseIn our Fly Akasha! book Helena Struik and I do not encourage you to pose yes-or-no questions when opening your Akashic Records. Reason: they are closed questions that give little or no insights. This is what we wrote about it in Chapter 5 of the book:

Good questions are aimed at obtaining a better insight into situations. Suppose you aren’t sure if you’ve dealt the right way with something. Now, you could ask something like: ‘Have I done the right thing?’ The answer to your question will be either yes or no. Such a yes-versus-no question, also known as a closed question, leads to extremely restricted answers that yield little to no insight. In the Akashic Records (and elsewhere) it is therefore better to ask open-ended questions. For instance: you could ask how you could have dealt with a situation at hand in a better way. That is an open question. And it might just lead to aspects you might have overlooked, and thus increase your insight.
So it is best to not pose a yes-no question in the Akashic Records. They aren’t an oracle, but a field of consciousness and a source of wisdom.

However, everybody has a lot of yes-or-no questions. Many times a day. Sometimes many times an hour. Therefore it would be mighty handy to have a good Akashic method for them too.

Last weekend I discovered a new book that describes exactly such a method. In You Can Ask The Universe Anything! yoga instructor, acupuncturist and teacher of traditional Oriental medicine Michael Hetherington tells us how to pose closed questions and receive clear answers that are still somewhat ‘open’. It is a method that is fully compatible with our Akashic approach.

In practicing the ‘Sway Testing Method’ that Hetherington describes our body is the antenna in the Field, like a living dowsing rod. It can move (sway) forward (yes) or backward (no) in reaction to questions and at the same time you can experience additional sensory impressions related to that question.

Examples of questions:
Is the energy in this book close to truth?
Does this practice bring me closer to truth?
Will the planet survive regardless of what humans do?

Hetherington does not mention Akasha or Akashic Records in his book. He speaks about ‘The Infinite Field of Intelligence’, which of course is fine. This is not about words. This is about subtle energies, methods and personal experiences.

You Can Ask The Universe Anything complements the Akashic literature that is available today. It fills the Yes-No gap.
It is pleasantly written, inspired, short, and extremely affordable.
Do not hesitate to add it to your spiritual toolset.

Combine this book with our book and you have a powerful duo!

You Can Ask The Universe Anything: Learn How to Tap Into the Infinite Field of Intelligence for Greater Clarity, Power & Insight
Kindle, June 2016, 82 pages, $1,05


Kozyrev mirrors and the Akashic field: what’s the connection?

When establishing a connection with the Akashic field we use our body and our mind as reading instruments. We ourselves are the ‘antenna’.
What about other instruments? Other antennas?

The so called Kozyrev mirror might be such a non body related Akashic instrument. Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev is a Russian astrophysicist (1908-19983) and inventor of a spirally formed mirror that invokes a torion field that changes our etheric (Ka) body and our consciousness. It is said that the effects can be stronger than LSD.

It is also said that this torsion field (which is Time and Akasha ‘at the same time’) washes away our hindering convictions, blocked emotions as well as fears and on top of that is able to remove forms of negative self esteem.
Boy! Sounds like an enlightenment machine!

So maybe in the not so far future we will all have a Little Snow-White mirror. Asking her all sorts of questions and getting the nicest and wisest answers. A new and essential Akashic piece of furniture.

Meanwhile we need to be patient and use our own body and Akashic reading skills. The Kozyrev mirror is still in a stage of fundamental research that is done in the labs.

Here is an interesting Russian tv movie about this phenomenon, called Breaking the Future:

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