Kozyrev mirrors and the Akashic field: what’s the connection?

When establishing a connection with the Akashic field we use our body and our mind as reading instruments. We ourselves are the ‘antenna’.
What about other instruments? Other antennas?

The so called Kozyrev mirror might be such a non body related Akashic instrument. Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev is a Russian astrophysicist (1908-19983) and inventor of a spirally formed mirror that invokes a torion field that changes our etheric (Ka) body and our consciousness. It is said that the effects can be stronger than LSD.

It is also said that this torsion field (which is Time and Akasha ‘at the same time’) washes away our hindering convictions, blocked emotions as well as fears and on top of that is able to remove forms of negative self esteem.
Boy! Sounds like an enlightenment machine!

So maybe in the not so far future we will all have a Little Snow-White mirror. Asking her all sorts of questions and getting the nicest and wisest answers. A new and essential Akashic piece of furniture.

Meanwhile we need to be patient and use our own body and Akashic reading skills. The Kozyrev mirror is still in a stage of fundamental research that is done in the labs.

Here is an interesting Russian tv movie about this phenomenon, called Breaking the Future:

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