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Zondag 25 juni 2017Sneek
Spreker: Fred Teunissen
Locatie: Parkflat Stadsfenne
Aanvang: 14:00
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What’s the workshop about?

  1. Practice individually
  2. But also practice in groups
  3. Short playful practice to make sure that your chakra’s are in optimal state for better receive of Akashic Records.
  4. The importance
  5. Movement in open air with planets.
  6. Exercise to get fully in your forcefield.
    Together with like minded people, provides a powerful field on which you communicate quickly at heart level with each other. The up en download speed is tremendous within the group.
    It’s remarkable to notice what happens in a few hours.

Individual Akashic Consult

In order to get an individual Akashic Records consult, you can make an appointment with Helena Struik. Helena has a practice as a spiritueel counselor and is specialized in working with the Akashic Records.
What is a Akashic Records about? In your presence (by occasion at distance) Helena will open your Akashic Records. The energy that she feels will be interpreted in words and gestures. Helena is very much capable in portraying the energy within the Akashic Records. You will notice that this will be shed a new surprising light on the questions you have. And this will be intensified by a powerful healing by Helena.

A few examples

  1. To get rid of feelings of guilt
  2. If you want to live more from the heart
  3. Negative convictions that stop you, transform into positive ones.
  4. If you wish to have a more pleasant work environment or are looking for a new one.


Her practice is in Budel Dorplein or sometimes in Rotterdam.
You can email her: helenastruik [at] (without spaces)
or call =31 6 24 864559
Visit her website: