Crowdfunding further exploration of The Hum

Thanks @humthefilm for drawing my attention to your project. It deals with a fascinating topic: the hum that 2 percent of the population is hearing. In Holland a documentary about this subject – called De Brom – had its premiere on November 16 of 2015.

I do not belong to these 2 percent of regular hum-hearers. But, sometimes, when deep in an Akashic Opening, I do hear a hum. Loud and clear. It is even somewhat frightening, because it is unfamiliar to me. In the book I wrote with Helena Struik this sound experience is mentioned in chapter 2.

The movie makers of the Hum Sci-Fi project are linking this sound to approaching another dimension. That would be something!

I hope the crowdfunding campaign will be succesful, thus enabling further exploration of this phenomenon.

Documentary De Brom (language Dutch):

Meer info: