A rich online source of Akashic inspiration

Answers From the Akashic RecordsScanning lists in my Kindle e-reader looking for books dedicated to the Akashic Records I found ‘Answers From the Akashic Records’. The subtitle reads: Transcript from the Akashic Records Online Group Session 1.

I assumed that these were transcripts from sessions of a group of Akashic practitioners, a phenomenon I am highly interested in (see my posting on the team that did an experiment aimed at better understanding the origins and functions of the Bosnian Pyramids).

‘Answers from’ is not something like that. It is a project of a couple, named Aingeal Rose (Ireland) and Ahonu (USA). Both are authors, speakers, researchers, radio hosts and spiritual teachers. They host weekly online sessions attended by an audience that poses all sorts of questions.

The e-book I did read is part 1 in a series of 10. It contains short summaries of Akashic readings on a wide range of subjects, like negative entities, experiences after death, aliens, chemtrails, time, Atlantis, meditation, suicide and more.

I particularly liked the chapter about ‘Paradise Earth’. Two quotes:
“We have to switch tracks so that we are aware of it (=Paradise Earth) being already here.”
“The interssting thing about Earth is that there are many Earths. As much as there is a 1984 scenario of Earth (which we seem to be on, by the way), there is also a Paradise version of Earth that is happening right now.”

There is a lot of material available from this project that started in 2009:
* The e-books on Amazon
* The website
* A YouTube channel
* Weekly sessions

All these findings from the Akashic Records can provide you with a rich source of inspirration. At the same time there is some risk involved, because these answers are general (or better: generic) in nature. To find your own personal answers you need to open your own Akashic Records and sometimes also those of loved ones that give you permission to do so.

Nothing can replace your own practice in connecting with your own Akashic Records.

Nevertheless ‘Answers from’ is warmly recommended as a stimulus.